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batting basics

Friday, August 30th, 2013

One of the questions we ask when customers drop quilts off at our shop to be quilted is what kind of batting they’d like to use, and more often than not they don’t know what to use or why. Or maybe you’ve never thought to ask your quilter what kind they use. So I thought a post on some common batting questions was in order so you’d know why to care and what to choose.

What brand do you like? The short answer to this is Quilters Dream, hands down. We also love the battings from Moda/United Notions, especially Kyoto Bamboo and Soy Soft. As a shop owner and longarm quilter I have seen lots of not-so-great battings which makes me even more loyal to QD’s amazing quality. It’s so sad to see a well-loved quilt whose innards have become a total mess, when it would have held up much better had it contained better batting. I believe in being picky. I’ll break it down for you.

Why I love Quilters Dream:

  • They use high quality materials, like longer fibers, and methods, like thorough needle-punching. This means those fibers don’t come apart so easily, the batting is stronger, stretches less and doesn’t distort.
  • It has the most consistent thickness and density. Have you ever opened up a batting and noticed that light shines through more at some places and in others it’s more opaque, like in the photo? I won’t say what brand it is, but it’s a very popular one. I’d rather not have a quilt that’s part thin and part thick. QD are so evenly needle-punched or bonded (depending on the content), which also makes them very easy to work with.
  • It has the smoothest and softest texture. No rough or crunchy spots and no little brown bits of the cotton boll left in. And they don’t use thick scrims or yucky bonding chemicals.
  • The price is competitive with budget brands.
  • They are an independent company and sell only to local quilt shops.
  • It is made in the U.S.

Batting up to the light to show unevenness. The dark area is thicker/denser