fall fabric pumpkin tutorial

mod podge pumpkins 13

We’re more into sewing than crafting, but when I saw paper-covered pumpkins in one of my mom’s magazines I thought, why not with fabric!  I actually think applying fabric to a curved surface was easier than paper would be. We used real pumpkins because we knew we’d want different fabrics next year, and I loved the idea of seeing a real stem and ridges but a fabric body. Though you could definitely use fake ones if you want them to be reusable. If you’ve ever decoupaged before, all you may need is an idea of how wide to cut your strips, which you’ll find below.  If you’re new to Mod Podge, we’ll walk you through it.

Mod Podge: a 16 oz. bottle was enough for our 3 medium and 2 small pumpkins.
foam paintbrush
disposable bowls
1 fat quarter for a small pumpkin
2 fat quarters for a medium pumpkin

No fabric prep is necessary. If your fabric is really light, you may want to paint your pumpkins white first. We didn’t bother and it turned out pretty alright.

Measure the length from the bottom of the pumpkin to the stem. Add an inch and this is how long you’ll cut your strips.mod podge pumpkins 2

Cut approx. 1″ strips for small pumpkins and approx. 2″ strips for medium pumpkins.mod podge pumpkins 1

The wider your strips, the more puckering you’ll get. The larger and flatter your pumpkin, the wider your strips can be.

mod podge pumpkins 9

You’re going to paint underneath and on top of every fabric strip. With a paintbrush, paint where you want your first strip to go.

mod podge pumpkins 3

Place the fabric strip on and smooth it out.

mod podge pumpkins 4

I started my strips right outside of the pumpkin’s belly button, because I liked the idea of having that exposed.  Proof that it’s real! (don’t mind my messy glueing)
mod podge pumpkins 10

Trim the top of the strip to be shaped around the stem.

mod podge pumpkins 5

Paint Mod Podge over the fabric strip, and where you want to lay your next strip.

mod podge pumpkins 6

Lay your next strip down, overlapping it by at least 1/4″ over the last strip. Paint over it, being sure to cover the “seam” between the two strips, and continue on as before.

mod podge pumpkins 7

When it’s completely covered, give the entire pumpkin another coat of Mod Podge. You may want to do this in a bowl where you can do half at a time so it can dry before you turn it.
mod podge pumpkins 8

Mom got fancy and tapered her strips at the top so there wasn’t so much overlap around the stem.
mod podge pumpkins 11
mod podge pumpkins 12