little folks voile scarf tutorial

When Anna Maria Horner’s Little Folks collection arrived, Jennifer knew just what she wanted to do with it first.  Before we could even put the bolts out on display, she was working on a scarf inspired by this one from Anna Maria’s blog.  So quick and easy, you’ll want to make several, which is good because it’s too hard to decide between these prints!

amh scarf

What you’ll need:

1.  Square each of your fabrics up to about 13″ wide by the width of the fabric (58″).  This will center the Square Dance square nicely.  For a longer scarf, cut two 13″ pieces across the width of each fabric and connect short ends of each print to itself so you have twice the length.  Here we have one width of each.together
2.  Lay out the two fabrics, right sides together.

right sides

Match edges and pin around all four sides.  This voile is thinner and more slippery than regular quilting cotton, so even if you’re not usually a pinner, you may want to be this time.


3.  Starting in the  middle of one long side, sew around all four sides with a 1/4″ seam allowance.  Backstitch at beginning and end, and remove pins as you come to them.  Stop a few inches short of where you started to leave a hole for turning right side out.


4.  Clip corners close to but not into the seam.  This will take away the bulk of the seam allowance so the corner will be nice and sharp when you turn it right side out.


5.  Turn the scarf right side out through the hole you left open.


6.  Use a sharp but not too sharp tool (like That Purple Thang)…


to turn your corners out, being careful not to poke a hole through the seam.


7.  Press around the edges of the scarf.  You can roll the seam between your fingers to get the seam turned all the way out. Press the seam allowance of the hole to match the seam allowance along that side of the scarf, and pin the hole closed.

8.  Topstitch all the way around the scarf with a 1/8″ seam allowance, backstitching at beginning and end.  This will close that hole and keep the scarf from shifting around.  And voila!  Wear your voile scarf with anything–don’t worry about matching!