poppies embroidery pattern

poppies embroidery

This pattern was inspired by the short-lived abundance of shockingly bright and cheery poppies during the summer.


It’s easily turned into a pillow or would look stunning on a tote, skirt, or framed on the wall.

made poppies

What you’ll need:
DMC floss in colors 606, 310, & 906
background fabric such as chambray
poppies embroidery pattern (click here to download)

What you’ll do:
Trace the pattern onto your fabric.  Outline the flower petals with a stem stitch with DMC color 606, and fill them with satin stitch.  For the stamen, use a straight stitch and french knots with DMC color 310.  The stems are done with a stem stitch in DMC color 906.

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