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fall 2013 quilt market recap

Monday, November 4th, 2013

It takes a few days to recover from the quilt market hangover before I can rustle up the strength to go throw all the photos and write about it, but I’ve managed it and you’ve got to see what is coming out of all the quilting geniuses lately. Let’s tell this story through pictures. Though oddly somehow I got no pictures of Lizzy House, which is a shame because every day she wore an adorable dress made of her upcoming fabric line Catnap, which you can probably see on Instagram. Anyway, on with the show.

There are some great fresh voices in fabric these days, like Carolyn Friedlander. She really has a unique voice and we are so excited to get her Botanics collection in soon.

Botanics booth

Sarah Jane is another standout among fabric designers. Her lines always evoke the charming carefree happiness of childhood without being childish. Her upcoming line Wee Wander depicts tree-climbing, horse-riding, lightning bug-chasing days that are so irresistable, I sure hope people aren’t scared to use these fabrics for things other than just kids’ quilts.

Sarah Jane's booth


bits of market

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

It always seems like we need at least a week to recover from Quilt Market. The days with hardly any sleep, meeting SO many new people and catching up with old friends… not to mention the quilts! In the next few days we’ll fill in more details of all the exciting things happening in the world of fabric, but I wanted to at least share a few photos of the good stuff we saw that we’ll be bringing into the shop!


Out to Sea

cuzco jelly roll

scrap applique playground

quilt sampler is out!

Friday, May 18th, 2012

Now that it’s officially out, the Spring Quilt Sampler issue is in many of your hands and we are thrilled at the chance we’ve already had to meet so many great new people because of it. By the way, we do still have copies of the magazine available, in which you will find we are featured as the very first article! And of course you can pick up the Colored Pencil quilt kits, featuring 162 different fabrics for the pencil bodies, in our webstore.with linzeeWe’re currently in Kansas City at International Quilt Market and where we ran into Linzee McCray, the author who interviewed us and wrote our feature article. Finally we were able to meet her in person!
quilt samplerAnd today the American Patchwork & Quilting editor, Jennifer Keltner, made a lovely presentation of this year’s top quilt shops featured in the issue. Our pencil quilt is hanging in the booth for all to see so if you’re in KC stop by on the 2600 aisle to check it out up close!

We’ve got lots more news from Market, as well as more info about some of the projects featured in our article.  Stay tuned!

slc spring quilt market: day 4

Monday, May 16th, 2011

Here is how the last few hours of quilt market are spent: rush to the Westminster booth to make sure we have ordered the new Joel Dewberry, Kaffe Fassett, Anna Maria Horner, & Tula Pink; rush to Michael Miller to make sure we get Sarah Jane’s first collection in it’s entirety, rush to Joel Dewberry’s booth to say hi, rush to Andover to make sure we get to see the future future Lizzy House collection and order it even though it’s only printed on paper and it won’t be out until Fall but we just looove it, rush to C&T to order the newest Stash books because oh em gee the Block Party book is out, forget to rush to the Threaded Pear booth to say hi to Gina (why is everyone always out of their booth when we remember to visit!) and then hurry over to reverently walk through the quilt exhibits and appreciate them while your heart is still pounding, until you can exit the market doors for the very last time this season, an actual half-an-hour before the show closes because you are just too hungry to stay till the very end. Phew!  The rest of the day is spent anxious to get back to the shop to show you everything we found. For now you’ll have to live with the 2-D version of our findings…

In the middle of the trade show floor is a small exhibit of quilts. I’d passed this a few times before I finally noticed it today. This quilt is called Circular Momentum and is made by Becky Goldsmith, half of Piece O’ Cake Designs, whose quilts always give me such an urge to applique.

circular momentum

Circular Momentum by Becky Goldsmith

Dummy me, I just now realized that the circular theme in this quilt is not only found in the pieced design and appliqued shapes, but also repeated in the various polka dots print fabrics used.

Icircular momentum close-up


Not only is Anna Maria Horner debuting her new fabric collection this market, but she’s launching a range of hand-stitching supplies. Her Aida cloth, embroidery floss packs, and perle cotton boxes are arriving this September, which is not soon enough for me! I’m so happy to see such a resurgence in hand-stitching. I love it!

amh cross-stitch

Anna Maria Horner Cross-Stitch

Tula Pink is no slacker. She has four quilt patterns coming out with her new collection, Prince Charming. This one is Crown Jewels and features the star of the collection, the frog prince. The best part of the frog is the fly hidden in his tummy! (Take a peek at the coral colorway. )

crown jewels

Crown Jewels by Tula Pink

I’m loving this new bag design from Joel Dewberry, especially with that piping detail and made up in the laminates.

joel dewberry bag

In the final moments of quilt market I was drawn into this thread-painted quilt, and just wanted to stare at these clouds created in the negative space of the stitched sky.

quilted clouds

And with that, market is over!

slc spring quilt market: day 3

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

We are exhausted and yet we can’t really contain ourselves what with all the inspiration (and fabric!) we’re getting here at quilt market.  Just you wait, you have no idea what is in store for you. For now, we’ve just got a quick update because, well,  I’d like to get some sleep this week.

Today we got to preview upcoming Alexander Henry lines.  These guys consistently set trends. Whether it’s being the first to do owl prints, or the first to use grey as a central colors in collections, we can count on AH to do it early and do it right. They’ve got an Asian-influenced indigo color story happening now that has got the wheels turning in our heads.

alexander henry indigo

Alexander Henry Booth

Jillily Studios pattern & notion company had probably the cutest booth at market, set up to look like a gelato shop, but with fabric on display in the gelato tins!  The sweet surprise was that they actually served us up mini sorbet cones. You’ll be seeing their new sticky finger-tip thimbles, Poke-a-Dots, in the shop soon.

jillily studios booth

Jillily Studios Booth

Sarah Jane‘s booth was calling to us again today. We cannot get her new line, Children at Play, out of our heads! Classic, retro, and simply adorable prints to watch for coming soon.

sarah jane

Kathy and Sarah Jane

Sweet fabric dreams…

slc spring quilt market: day 2

Saturday, May 14th, 2011

Friday is the first day that the show floor is open and we get to see the amazingly constructed booths of our favorite fabric & pattern designers, plus every new notion inventor and whatsit promoter. A few highlights…

Seeing Annela Hoey‘s embroidery in person! Her  newest line for Moda, Little Apples, will be in the store this September.

little apples

Quilt from new Michael Miller designer Sara Jane, who also does the most adorable embroidery and has some sweet children’s prints coming soon.

sarah jane

Ok, so not fabric related, but I caught Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head in a tiff at the deli where we had lunch.

mr & mrs head

In a small exhibit we found this small quilt with the smallest of paper pieced compass points. I am in complete awe!


New patterns, fabrics, and stichery patterns from Anna Maria Horner.  Yummm.


Got to chat with the lady herself for a bit.

with anna

And of course I geeked out at Tula Pink‘s booth.

with tula

Solids are really getting their due and are featured in this cute display from Kona Cottons.

kona cones

More with solids. Always love a good rainbow quilt! If you want to be more sophis you can call it a color wheel quilt. Yet more quilting by the genius Angela Walters, who also has done market quilts for Tula Pink & Lizzy House (among many more).

kona solids

What? This is pieced and appliqued entirely with minky/cuddle fabric!

minky farm

Local pattern designer Jen Giddens had a booth at market for the first time and it looks so good!  Not only does she have new bag patterns out soon, but she designed all the fabrics in these bags as well.

jen giddens booth

Kaffe Fassett has a new book coming out of his quilts in Sweden! (If you know me, you might be able to imagine the squeal elicited by the Sweden part.) And I’m dying to make this new design using his shot cottons and stripes.

classic kaffe

Phew!  2 more days… more to come!

slc spring quilt market: day 1

Saturday, May 14th, 2011

It is SO nice to have quilt market in our own backyard in Salt Lake City!  Being able to drive our own cars instead of rentals and eat at our favorite local restaurants and have the entire Suppose staff come is making this market one of the best yet.  Not to mention all of the amazing quilty things we’re finding. I’m telling you, the bar keeps getting higher and higher in this industry. Rather than tell you, I’ll just show you. Here’s just a bit of what we’ve been seeing…

Tula Pink reveals her new fabric line, Prince Charming, in some new quilt patterns.  Look closely at the quilting, it’s pretty amazing and really accentuates the quilt design.


This quilt shows off all the prints in the Prince Charming collection.

prince charming

Lizzy House tells the stories behind the stories of her new fabric line, 1001 Peeps, which will be arriving at Suppose in a matter of days.


Anna Maria Horner is releasing a new fabric collection called Loulouthi, as well as a range of embroidery & cross-stitch patterns & threads. This pillow shows off a big-stitch quilted panel from the collection. We’re a bit ga-ga over Loulouthi!


Those are just a fraction of the highlights from Schoolhouse Series, which we attended Thursday. Stay tuned for more from the show floor!

fall quilt market ’09: schoolhouse

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

Whether or not we have recovered from market yet is questionable, but we are ready to show you the awesomeness.

I love these patchwork looking installations in the park across from the convention center.  Quilt Market had it’s 35th anniversary this year, and is in Houston each fall along with International Quilt Festival, so we like to think they are in honor of quilting, but I have no actual knowledge of artist Margo Sawyer’s inspiration for creating them.

convention center

The day before the exhibition floor opens is Schoolhouse Series where we shuffle around crowded halls from mini-class to mini-presentation like 7th graders. Except with way cooler teachers.

anna maria schoolhouse

Anna Maria Horner debuted her new fabric collection, Little Folks, which is printed on luscious voile and will make the softest quilts and cutest blouses and dresses. It will come in flannel too, which will make for the most sophisticated baby quilts ever. We still can’t stop freaking out about Little Folks.

Heather Bailey also debuted her new fabric line called Nicey Jane, after her husband’s grandma. It’s gorgeous stuff. You can see one print used in her Daily Spice apron here and we’ve some shots from her booth for later.  I also learned that Heather is a fellow BYU graduate. Go cougars!


One of our most anticipated schoolhouses is always from the Kaffe Fassett Collective. Westminster is putting out prints from the Liberty Art Fabric archives done in new colorways by Kaffe. Last market we heard rumors that Liberty of London would be putting out quilting weight cottons and now we know the details. There couldn’t be a better collaboration than Liberty and Kaffe. Here Kaffe shows a quilt made with his Liberty prints.

kaffe liberty

We got to see some glorious Kaffe quilts from Australian designer and applique queen Kim McLean.

glorious applique

And Brandon Mabley demonstrated what, as he said, he looks like in bed. Kaffe explained that for this quilt he chose fabrics that had circular motifs in them and kept the circle theme going with snowball blocks.
kaffe circles

We left schoolhouse pretty anxious to get to the Westminster booth to do a bunch of ordering of all our fave designers. Stay tuned for more photos from market and details on when we’ll be getting in all these pretties.  If you want to cheat you can see all of our market photos on Flickr.