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welcome to the laboratory

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

Quilt Lab Fall 2013Quilt Lab is one of my favorite labs (it’s a tie with Il Laboratorio del Gelato, the most amazing gelato shop in the world). This is a new thing we did at Suppose on Saturday. Our classroom became a lab where customers could experiment and play with some of the new quilting products on the market. It turned out awesome, although it could have used more gelato. So I thought we’d share a few of the items we tried out.

Sew and Fold On A Roll

Sew & Fold On A RollThis is a new product from Triangles On A Roll, which is foundation paper with guidelines so you get perfect piecing. The Sew & Fold paper can do either flying geese or braids/herringbone. I wanted to try the braids, so I used a bunch of light scraps and got really into it. I’ve got lots of quilt ideas brewing for this and it would also be great for medallion quilts. The best part is that you don’t get stretching or distortion, which would otherwise be bound to happen with all those small pieces sewn on the diagonal.


Kraft-TexKraft-tex isn’t totally new, but it’s now available by the yard off the bolt. One cool thing about it is how the developers, C&T Publishing, isn’t marketing it for any specific purpose and is really letting the creative community show what it’s endless uses are. It’s pretty crazy stuff, it looks and feels like paper but acts a lot like leather. Kathy pointed out that it’s very similar to the label on the back waistband on Levi’s. It’s really strong and you can’t rip it, and you can do almost anything with it that you can do with either paper or fabric. Cut, sew, paint, fold, stamp, draw, print… That underneath piece in the photo has actually been washed and dried! I’m really curious to see what everyone comes up with. We heard some good ideas for it at Quilt Lab like a child’s tool belt and for a base on purses. There are more ideas on Flickr too.

Hexagon Trim Tool

Hexagon Trim ToolHexagons are everywhere now which also means hexagon tools everywhere. This one is pretty cool because it can serve a few functions, from just cutting various sizes of hexes to making more fancy blocks. And like all Creative Grids rulers it has that awesome non-slip surface in strategic places on the back. The ruler comes with lots of instructions for blocks like this one, or simpler blocks like the one below. It makes fussy cutting easy too with holes placed at the corners of the hex for marking. There are lines printed on the ruler so you can add borders to a hex and trim it up after each round, which means perfect blocks. Kathy has been making more of these blocks with Sarah Jane’s Out To Sea and if she’s not careful they might disappear…
Hexagon Trim Tool

Then there’s Flatter by Soak which I am obsessed with. Smells aaaamazing and doesn’t make me cough like some stuff. I’m a major presser and like things to stay flat and smooth so they line up more easily. And this stuff does what it says!

Like a dummy I missed out on a lot of photo ops, like playing with the Iron Safe, so you’ll just have to actually read what I have to say about it. This non-stick cover attaches with a spring to your iron to keep stuff like fusibles from getting on your iron and keeps delicate fabrics from being damaged. It lets you easily apply iron-on vinyls, and makes it so you don’t have to always press your fusible applique from the back side. Sweet!

We’ll surely be doing Quilt Lab again, which is good because our staff all have lab coats now!