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kaffe club

Saturday, February 9th, 2013

The Suppose Creative Guild recently was lucky enough to have a visit from Kaye Evans, an accomplished Kaffe Fassett aficionado and teacher. Her quilts are seriously amazing!

Here are just a few of the quilts Kaye shared with us, you can see more of her trunk show here. And listen ye good Kaffe fans! We are planning a Kaffe Club with Kaye, where she’ll walk us through making a stunning quilt with Kaffe Fassett fabrics over the course of several months. If this sounds enticing to you, please let us know by filling out this short form and we’ll keep you updated on when and how it will all be happening. So exciting!


Kaye said something that stayed with me, about any of us who think we’re not creative: “We were not born without creative bones in our body. We’re all creative if we just let ourselves be.” It’s true! Sometimes we just have to loosen up and allow ourselves to get a little weird.Untitled






If you’ve been to our shop and seen our wall of Kaffe fabrics, you know we love him. Can’t wait for Kaffe Club to start! If you’re interested and haven’t already, fill out this form to let us know your preferences for Kaffe Club:

tango stripe

Sunday, February 12th, 2012

New fabric is constantly coming in here at Suppose, and mom is always saying to me, “where is this going to go?” And I always manage to work some fabric magic. (Can’t remember who I heard that from, but it’s that way you move bolts around and around and miraculously make room for more.) Well Sarah and I recently worked some magic, making new displays in the process, like this table of Kaffe’s woven stripes with the Tango Stripe Quilt.
kaffe woven stripes tableJennifer pieced this Jean Wells pattern for us with fat quarters of nearly every Kaffe woven stripe we have, plus a few shot cottons. It’s been very popular in the store so I thought we’d share some photos.
IMG_0214It has set-in squares, which the pattern does a good job of explaining how to do. We’ve also got kits so you can have a quilt exactly like our version.
IMG_0219Now I just need to find a minute to quilt it!

kaffe quilts

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Speaking of Kaffe, we’ve somehow had a lot of Kaffe quilts finished lately.  The tops have actually been done for a while, but we finally had them quilted.  I came to accept that I wouldn’t have time to quilt them myself, let alone by hand, which had been the plan.  So they went of to our dreamy Statler Stitcher-er Sue.

For this one, I wanted to show off that large print, Japanese Chrysanthemum, and the Sweet Pea pattern was perfect. I chose the yellow/orange colorway because I rarely use those colors but lately they are calling out to me.  And I didn’t want to end up all matchy with the sashing, so I took the greyish blue peeking out from behind the mums as the jumping off point for choosing the polka dotted sashing in slate blue.  I think my mom thought I was crazy, but I like how it turned out. I was tempted to do bright orange cornerstones, but went with a faint grey, Bella solid in Feather (also a new favorite for backgrounds, in addition to Kona Snow). Now that was probably more detail than you ever needed to know about this simple quilt.

kaffe mum

The strippy quilt was made in Kathy’s first Jelly Roll Quilt Class. It’s actually 2 Design Rolls, one Kaffe and one Brandon Mabley.  They each had fewer strips than a Moda Jelly Roll–which gives you a throw sized quilt–so combined they give you more of  twin size. And with this many strips, you end up with a vertical orientation. This may make no sense if you haven’t made this Jelly Roll quilt before, but it’s kind of a quilt of chance. You just can’t really plan how it will look other than by choosing your strips. I’m anxious to make another one, with a Hullaballoo Jelly Roll this time. Btw, Kathy will be teaching this quilt again next month!

kaffe design rolls

And this is what I’m calling our new favorite quilt. Jennifer pieced it quite a while ago and we wanted to big stitch hand quilt it. We finally figured that we are too far behind on our sewing projects and we’d rather just have it done. We chose a  Baptist fan design which is consistent with the traditional look of the pattern (Summer House from Moda) yet also adds to the modern feel that the colors and woven textures give this quilt.

kaffe house

We used all Kaffe Fassett wovens, mostly because we wanted to use the new Ikat Streaks, and are in love with how it all turned out. One terrible piece of news though, is that Westminster, the company who makes all of Kaffe’s fabric, is no longer making Shot Cotton in Sludge.  (Shot Cottons are Kaffe’s super soft solids that are woven with 2 different colors of thread.)  Funny timing, since grey seems to be the new black, and has actually been our best-selling color of Shot.  I wrote to Westminster to plead with them to bring back Sludge, and ask any of you who care to do the same by contacting them here. Maybe if they realize there is a demand they’ll listen. Alright, down from the soap box.


These quilts are all in the shop now, and are of course much more fun to see in person.  I’m aching to make stuff with Kaffe’s Fall collection, so hopefully we’ll have more to show off soon!

When your people are far from you, sometimes you just have to sew for them.

Monday, September 6th, 2010

Two amazing friends and their kids were about to move across the country (Miss you, Mylers!), and I just kept thinking of those hours in the car, and what they might want to listen to. So I burned some cds and made these little sleeves for handy keeping.

cd envelopes for lo

I chose fabrics from Alexander Henry, Anna Maria Horner’s Good Folks, Art Gallery’s Filligree, & Tufted Tweets and loved how they just went together.

Thinking I might want to recreate them sometime, I started taking notes, but this is as far as it got


because it was pretty simple, really. For each cd envelope, I used heavyweight fusible interfacing inside & made 2 identical 5″ pockets that I just slipped inside each other and sewed closed around the top. I quite liked the result and may be making more of these for little gifts, and for the cds that get tossed around my car.

Then there was a package to send to California for my dear friends who always act as home when I just need to get back there for the beach and some good shopping.  These new Kaffe Fassett prints (Ombre and Radiation) in the Pastel colorway were just calling to be made into something for them, as they could go with all the vintagey pastel kitchenware they have.

coasters & napkins I ended up making 16″ square napkins and 4″ square coasters. It was a simple right-sides-together-turn-inside-out-and-topstitch kind of project. The coasters have some heavyweight interfacing for sturdiness too.  Looking at them does kind of make me want to have a picnic at the beach.

Been making any hand-sewn gifts lately? Show us in our Flickr Pool!

fall quilt market ’09: schoolhouse

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

Whether or not we have recovered from market yet is questionable, but we are ready to show you the awesomeness.

I love these patchwork looking installations in the park across from the convention center.  Quilt Market had it’s 35th anniversary this year, and is in Houston each fall along with International Quilt Festival, so we like to think they are in honor of quilting, but I have no actual knowledge of artist Margo Sawyer’s inspiration for creating them.

convention center

The day before the exhibition floor opens is Schoolhouse Series where we shuffle around crowded halls from mini-class to mini-presentation like 7th graders. Except with way cooler teachers.

anna maria schoolhouse

Anna Maria Horner debuted her new fabric collection, Little Folks, which is printed on luscious voile and will make the softest quilts and cutest blouses and dresses. It will come in flannel too, which will make for the most sophisticated baby quilts ever. We still can’t stop freaking out about Little Folks.

Heather Bailey also debuted her new fabric line called Nicey Jane, after her husband’s grandma. It’s gorgeous stuff. You can see one print used in her Daily Spice apron here and we’ve some shots from her booth for later.  I also learned that Heather is a fellow BYU graduate. Go cougars!


One of our most anticipated schoolhouses is always from the Kaffe Fassett Collective. Westminster is putting out prints from the Liberty Art Fabric archives done in new colorways by Kaffe. Last market we heard rumors that Liberty of London would be putting out quilting weight cottons and now we know the details. There couldn’t be a better collaboration than Liberty and Kaffe. Here Kaffe shows a quilt made with his Liberty prints.

kaffe liberty

We got to see some glorious Kaffe quilts from Australian designer and applique queen Kim McLean.

glorious applique

And Brandon Mabley demonstrated what, as he said, he looks like in bed. Kaffe explained that for this quilt he chose fabrics that had circular motifs in them and kept the circle theme going with snowball blocks.
kaffe circles

We left schoolhouse pretty anxious to get to the Westminster booth to do a bunch of ordering of all our fave designers. Stay tuned for more photos from market and details on when we’ll be getting in all these pretties.  If you want to cheat you can see all of our market photos on Flickr.

pittsburgh spring quilt market 09: day 2

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Oh boy oh boy. Quilt Market always proves to be such an inspiration.  Our second day here we went to Schoolhouse Series in which you get to choose up to 15 mini-classes/lectures to attend.  It lasts all day and is just a flurry of excitement.  I decided I’d better just pick a few highlights of the many things we saw, otherwise you’d probably feel just as overwhelmed as we are.

The Kaffe Fassett Collective shared quilts from their new book Quilt Romance and showed off some new fabrics.
Liza & new quilts

Kaffe Collective Headers

Confession. I have a total art crush on Kaffe. His talent with design and color is just unreal. I think I have to make this Kaffe Log Cabin.
Kaffe Log Cabin

I learned about the process of making Batiks, and now they are even more alluring to me. The painstaking labor, time, and skill that go into these hand-dyed fabrics is unbelievable. This is the type of stamp that can be used to stamp a wax design onto fabric before it is dyed.
Batik stamp

Eleanor Burns, creator of Quilt in a Day series and author of Victory Quilts is another idol of mine. Her charisma and energy are infectious.
with Eleanor Burns at Schoolhouse

Electric Quilt and Amy Butler showcased bags and projects from their new pattern software. If you are a fan of Amy, this program will be a must-have: 22 new patterns plus customization and other cool tricks.
Amy Butler Schoolhouse

Sue Spargo spoke about how she uses silks and texture in her creations. I love Sue’s identifiable folk art style and have lots of ideas for new projects…
Sue Spargo Schoolhouse

And oh, Leisl Gibson of Oliver + S patterns! Showing off some of her designs using new fabrics, Leisl lectured on her principles of fabric selection. She has impeccable taste and is a fine example to this industry. Her presentation might just have to be another post unto itself because it is such good advice.
oliver + s schoolhouse

Walking back and forth to classes, with anticipation building, we stopped to spy on the exhibits being set up down below.

market exhibits setup

And finally, the day ended with Sample Spree, a 2 hour rampage of voracious quilt shop owners clawing for the prettiest, newest fabrics and products of limited availability. People queue up early, and this is the view from our spot in line which was not at all close to the front. No end in sight.

sample spree crowd

And oh boy we took home a lot of loot to put in the shop and make samples with. We can’t wait to get it home and start playing with it all!